How do our hunts compare with those in Alaska?

"It was a better overall hunt than all my trips to Alaska over the years put together!" says Dick Scorzafava in a story he wrote for Bear Hunting Magazine in 2016 where he is the editor. Scorzafava is one of the premier bear hunting authorities in the world. In addition to his editorial duties at Bear Hunting Magazine, he is also the host of the Radical Hunter TV show which focuses a lot on bear hunting. He has written books about bear hunting, does numerous seminars every year on bear hunting and has hunted bears all over the world, including many times in Alaska... where he got skunked last spring! If anyone should know where the best brown bear hunting in the world is... it’s Dick Scorzafava. Better than all his hunts in Alaska PUT TOGETHER!!!!!! Says a lot about our bear hunts!



"I just wanted to take a moment and express how happy my brother and I are that we booked our 2017 brown bear hunt in Kamchatka, Russia with DGOA."

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No Hype - Just Facts

We have 13 of the top 25 bears in the SCI World Record books! The majority of them were shot in Russia.

We shoot more bears and bigger bears than anyone else out there. Period! Want proof . . . check out the SCI World Record books and you will see that Outdoor Adventures, LLC has 13 bears in the top 25!

That's more than half of the top 25 spots filled with bears taken from our camps!!!

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Denny's New Book!

Denny's brand new book, "In The Land of the Bear" is now available!

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Learn more about our Fall Brown Bear hunts to Russia.

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Apr 18 - May 1
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Learn more about our Fall Brown Bear hunts to Russia. Fall 2018 Brown Bear
Aug 20 - Sep 2
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Outdoor Adventures offers Fall Moose Hunts to Russia Fall 2018 Moose
Nov 18 - Dec 2
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Fall 2018 Sheep

Aug 8 - 22

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