New book “In the Land Of The Bear” Sheds Insider's Light On Russia & Siberia

What’s the wildest, most outrageous type of adventure you can imagine? I mean really wild! Can you top “road hunting” from a Russian army tank in Siberia? How about stalking red stag with the KGB on a Soviet naval base just a few miles from where Gorbachev was placed under house arrest during the 1991 Coup attempt in the Soviet Union. How about sharing vodka toasts with the Vice President of Crimea? How about traveling to Siberia with an Astronaut and a Four Star Air Force General who worked with the CIA and flew spy plane missions over Russia! Can you imagine our encounter on that trip with the KGB! 

Well, that’s what I have done the past 23 years in Russia. No fooling! If you have trouble believing it . . . just think how I felt while it was happening!

I was working as an editor at Field & Stream magazine when I was invited over to the Soviet Union in 1991 while Gorbachev was in office. It was the era of Glasnost and Perestroika. Since then I have spent 23 years over there traveling around Siberia chasing bear, moose, wolves and all other sorts of wild game. I have also fished some of the most legendary rivers on the Kamchatka Peninsula, including the world famous Zhupanova River.

Of course, Russia has changed a lot since those early years and I have been able to take over one thousand people along with me on my adventures the past two decades. During that time we have become the number one brown bear hunting company in the world. Out of the top 51 spots in the SCI World Record Books my clients currently fill 32 of them! More bears are being entered right now from last spring! As one SCI official told me: "Denny, your next nearest competitor is not even in the same zip code!"   

I recently completed a book that re-lives all of these adventures from my first trip where I actually hunted with the KGB, to my adventures with an astronaut and 4 Star Air Force General.  

This book will make you both laugh and cry. It’s jam-packed full of excitement and high adventure, including stories of bear and moose attacks not only from my clients, but from the native people themselves. The one about a teenager who calls her mother on her cell phone to say goodbye for the last time as a sow and two cubs are eating her will break your heart! This book is also as much about the people, food and culture in what is now Russia.  

With all the stories about Russia in the news now from the recent winter Olympics to the crazy things going on in the Crimea right now, everyone is interested in Russia. I am told this 276 page book is destined to become a best seller. The book contains over 60 photos and 8 illustrations.  I’m sure you will agree with the critics . . . “This book is a great read!”

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