We have been taking people to Russia for nearly a quarter of a century! During that time frame we have taken over 1,000 clients on various hunts from brown bears and moose to wolves and wild boars. We are pretty much 95% on everything we have hunted. We have taken clients of every age. Our youngest hunter was 13-year-old Noel Hilty from Michigan who shot a record book 9 ½ foot bear with us. Our oldest hunter was 83-year-old Royce McNeill from North Carolina who didn’t start hunting with us until he was 80 years old. Since then he has taken 3 bears with us, including a book bear when he was 83. On one hunt he shot a bear in less than 20 minutes on his first day out!

During our two decade run we have taken people from all walks of life including some very high profile clients like former Apollo Astronaut, Jim McDivitt; Five Star United States Air Force General, Earl O’Loughlin; Captain of the Flint Police Department, David Porter; former FBI agent, Ed Kelso; former Michigan Department of Natural Resources Director, Rollie Harmes; former Masthead Editor from Outdoor Life, Tom Huggler; grandson of the founder of L.L. Bean and host of the television show L.L. Bean Guide To The Outdoors, Bill Gorman; former CEO of Lucent Technologies, John Ervin; Stuart Williams from The Hunting Report; Bill Henson, CEO of Universal Tube; etc., etc.

We have also proud of the fact that we were able to get quadriplegic, Chris Whitley, a record book bear from his wheel chair. As far as we know he is the only quadrpalegic to ever shoot a big brown bear.

We could go on and on, but you get the picture . . . we offer outstanding hunts which are extremely successful! Here are some excerpts from letters we have received from our clients:

I wanted to write and thank you for my recent Russian brown bear hunt. This hunt was successful, and downright fun. I would call the hunt an “adventure of a lifetime!” Read More
Mike Muster, Muster Emergency Vehicles

“I have been fortunate or unfortunate depending on how you want to look at it to have hunted Grizzly / Brown bear in British Columbia, Alaska and Russia the last 3 years. Owning and operating a hunting operation myself I thought I knew enough to venture out and select an outfit to go Bear hunting with. No matter what precautions you take I have learned things can still go wrong.”
Rodney Bruce, Whitetail Bluff
“Everything was just incredible, and by far exceeded all expectations that I had. I’m impressed by the quality of hunt you offer and the follow through on all the details.”
Bill Gorman from L.L. Bean

“First Rate! This trip is up there with the best of any trip I’ve ever taken. It was a tremendous experience! The people were very warm. The hunt was great! I’m going back!”
Tom Huggler, former Masthead Editor, Outdoor Life magazine and former President of the Outdoor Writers Association of America

 “We saw 12 bears the first day of hunting. On the second day I harvested a 9ft 10inch brown bear. In ending, this is the best hunt we have ever been on.”
Jerry & Anita Zurn

“The firm offers a wide variety of hosted group hunts that are so far below the going rate for hunts in that part of the world that I admitted initially to a bit of skepticism. Well, I have now been one of the hunts, and am here to tell you it was everything Geurink said it would be.”
Stuart Williams in the Hunting Report

“In recent years I have hunted Africa, Canada, Mexico, and the western USA with each hunt delivering special moments . . . however, the hunt that you planned and participated in with Bill Henson, Dr. Snyder and I was beyond what I could imagine.”
Rollie Harmes, former Head of the Michigan DNR

“Both Jim and I want to thank you for a well planned stag hunt to Russia. We especially want to express our satisfaction with your Russian host agent “Dimitri” who was helpful in so many ways throughout our stay. We saw many stags and while successful once orientated to the nature of the hunt, we would no doubt return to try our luck at even bigger trophies. We look forward to our next adventures for brown bears in Kamchatka and again thank you for a real adventure.”
Earl O’Loughlin retired Four Star General United States Air Force and Apollo Astronaut, Jim McDivitt

“I’ve hunted Alaska, and the problem there is it is more expensive and you have a 25 percent chance of getting a 7 to 8 foot grizzly. In Russia, you have a 99 percent chance of taking a 7 to 10 foot grizzly and you will see another four or five that large.”
Chris Fuller

“Thank you for a HUNT OF A LIFETIME! We went on a spectacular moose hunt to Russia. After three days I scored a nice trophy moose – as did all of the hunters in our party. The trip was absolutely wonderful with no unpleasant surprises. All the Russian people were very friendly and made us feel very comfortable.”
Steve Kelemen

“I never dreamed that I would go on a hunt to Russia for brown bear and also never thought the three of us would shoot our bears the first day of the hunt! Mine was 8’ 10”, Herman’s was 9’ 4”, and Jeff’s was 10’ 6”. What a bear! You sure put on a great hunt!”
Dave Arseneault

“I just wanted to drop you a line and also thank you for a wonderful trip that you and your staff provided. As a result of your efforts, I along with my knowledgeable guide and bilingual Russia guide, Victor, harvested a very large Kamchatka brown bear that squared 9’ 5”. All aspects of the trip were great. The Russian cuisine made us tubby and the vodka made us happy.”
David Pasinski

“I would just like to drop you a short note letting you know that I had a great time on the spring bear hunt. Everything went as planned. All of the people we had to deal with in the camp were just excellent. They treated us like kings.”
Rick Petter, who at the time of his hunt No. 2 brown bear in the world

“I am not much at writing letters, but this is worth the effort. My son and I hunted with you from September 3rd to the 22nd and it was a remarkable trip. It was much more than a hunting trip. We met people and saw places that ten years ago we hadn’t even dreamt of. The hunting was superb. My son and I both shot record Snow Sheep, and I killed a bull moose that missed the current world record by only 10 points. My son also shot a 60 inch monster.” 
Jerry Crever

“All I can say is thank you for an unbelievable hunting experience in Russia. I have to say this was truly my “trip of a lifetime”. Everything you said and promised was right on target and more. I could not have wished for a better time. The staff you provided from the guides, to the cook and interpreter was outstanding and made you feel right at home. I can’t say enough about how well the entire trip went. Thanks again for everything.”
John Zanga

“Thank you very much for setting up a spring brown bear hunt in Kamchatka. I was a little skeptical about the hunt at first and also going to Russia. Once I got there and met the people I had a different outlook. The Russian people were very nice. They tried their best to make me happy and comfortable. There were three of us in my camp and we all got a large bear. There were four other hunters in two different camps near by and they got their bears also. My bear was very impressive. It squared over 10 feet. The skull measured 28 5/16, which put it in the world record book at No. 6. I look forward to another hunt with Denny and Outdoor Adventures in Russia or Africa.”
Darold Rux

“I just wanted to take a few minutes to thank you and Dale Fulkerson for a wonderful moose hunt in Russia. I did a year of research before choosing Outdoor Adventures and I felt very comfortable with my decision to go with Outdoor Adventures. I must admit I was a little apprehensive at first, I have heard a few horror stories about big game hunts in Russia. The hunt was everything I had hoped for and more. I ended up shooting two of the largest moose I have ever seen. In closing, I would recommend that anyone who wants a hunt and adventure of a lifetime consider going with Outdoor Adventures.”
Michael Lennox

“I want to thank you for putting together a simply wonderful trip to Kamchatka. I very much enjoyed being with you, Connie, and all the rest of the group. The fishing was great but just seeing that part of the world and its nature was equally delightful.”
Bob Blanchard

“I wanted you to know how much my Dad and I enjoyed our adventures to Russia last month. We felt extremely prepared and equipped for the trip with your advice and instructions. The Russians were the nicest people that I have ever hunted with.”
Doug Murray

“Thanks for another wonderful hunting adventure. The quantity and quality of the animals in both places were unbelievable. I look forward to another hunting adventure with you.”
Victor King

“Just wanted to confirm what I stated to you over the phone that my brown bear hunt in Kamchatka was the best hunt I ever was on. It exceeded all our expectations- the abundance of game, the guides, accommodations, food, transportation – all first class. Thank you!”
Milos Cihelka


Here are the names and phone numbers of several hunters and fishermen who have been to Russia with us in the last few years. Please feel free to give them a call as I'm sure they would be glad to tell you about their adventures. If you have any further questions, just give me a call!


Clint Nielson: 308-360-1561

Quentin Smith: 970-757-1662

Ken Horm: 330-889-9854

Jerry & Anita Zurn: 320-983-6826

Fred Gutwein: 574-250-4810

Glen Padla: 908-246-8552

Kenny Vogelsong: 904-838-5638

Mike Muster: 800-579-9220 or 270-273-5345


Actually, just about everybody who has ever gone with us would be a good reference. Most have described the trip as an adventure of a lifetime!