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We have been outfitting in Russia and the other CIS countries since 1991. Our success rates and hunter satisfaction record are excellent! Each hunt is personally accompanied by either one of our American or Russian agents.


You have probably heard a few of the horror stories floating around about add-on fees, bad food, bad guides, unfriendly people, etc. That's because many outfitters do not have the proper connections. We Do! And we have a stack of references to prove it! We have been working with the same outfitter since 1991. He's the best there is. In fact, our hunting areas are so good that other booking agents and outfitters are trying to find out where they are (we're not telling!). We have the best hunting areas in Russia. Period.


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We not only hunt in Russia, we also show you some of the sights and charm of the country and Its people. Our private tours after the hunt are a big hit with our clients. We will visit either St. Petersburg, Moscow, Kiev or some other exotic city after the hunt is done. Many people call this the highlight of the trip! A number of hunters take their wives (We do also have women hunters!) along to tour the cities while we hunt joining them for a tour at the end of the hunt.


On to the hunts!


The response to our TV ads and programs regarding our Russian hunts has been to say the least -- Overwhelming! What started out as a good excuse to hunt Russia back in 1991, has turned into quite a business. When we first started hunting in Russia nearly two decades ago, we were hoping to get there two or three times a year by personally escorting a few expeditions from the U.S. Boy did that quickly change! It wasn't long before we were doing a dozen trips a year.



Hunt Schedule

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Spring 2018 Brown Bear
Apr 18 - May 1
Apr 19 - May 2
Apr 21 - May 3
Apr 22 - May 5
Apr 26 - May 8
Apr 28 - May 11
May 1-13
May 2-14

Learn more about our Fall Brown Bear hunts to Russia. Fall 2018 Brown Bear
Aug 20 - Sep 2
Sep 20 - Oct 2
Sep 28 - Oct 10

Outdoor Adventures offers Fall Moose Hunts to Russia Fall 2018 Moose
Nov 18 - Dec 2
Nov 29 - Dec 13
Fall 2018 Sheep

Aug 8 - 22

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