2015 Fall Bear Hunting Report (Russia)

Dear Bear Hunting Enthusiasts...


WOW! I thought my first group of bear hunters this fall saw a lot of bears . . . and they did. I hunted with Radical Hunter TV Show host Dick Scorzafava and Red Summerfield along with Howard Netterville. We saw an incredible 90 bears in a week! Well, I just got off the phone with the guys from my last hunt. One of the guys saw 50 bears - that's right FIFTY BEARS - the FIRST DAY! Try that in Alaska! Many of the guys I talk to who hunt Alaska don't get a bear. They are lucky to see a bear. As one my former hunters said: "You can pay twice as much and hunt Alaska and get skunked or hunt with Denny and pay half as much and get a bear. The choice is yours!" Well said!


In fact, Dick Scozafava, hunted Alaska this past spring and got skunked! One of many hunters who I took this year who had been skunked in Alaska but shot a bear with us! As they say . . . the choice is yours! Where would you rather hunt? 


People always ask me why we shoot so many bears in Russia. Well here is a few facts for you to chew on. First of all, 2/3 of all the brown bears in the world live in Russia. The other 1/3  live in Alaska, Canada and the mainland U.S  Meanwhile, 4/5 of all the hunters in the world hunt Alaska the other 1/5 hunt Russia. So, you see, it’s simply a numbers game. So knowing this, tell  me . . .  where would you rather hunt bears? AND it’s about $10,000 CHEAPER to hunt with me. Again . . . the choice is yours!


Peter Chinnici Photo 3

Testimonials from the Trip

Here are some excerpts from the letters I received from my clients after the fall hunts. Also you will see some neat photos from this fall. I wish I could have included more. Because the hunters saw so many bears this fall they took a lot of neat photos of bears out in the field.  Check out my web site at dgoa.com as I will try to post more there. 


I just wanted to let you know what a great time I had on our trip to Russia! What a dream come true for me and I never thought I would ever see over 90 Bears on a 10 day hunt! I can say I went to Russia, harvested 2 Brown Bear with a Russian open sight rifle! WOW! What an adventure!!!




Howard Netterville




It looks like you had a great hunt!!! It brought back so many WONDERFUL memories for me!!! I have to admit that my two experiences in Russia are by far two of the best experiences of my life. I am truly grateful that I had the opportunity to go, not once but twice. Do you still hear from Royce and Danny Ray? I think about them often too. Take care!






HERE’S A OUOTE FROM NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC  . . . Jutting from the far east of Siberia, this icy mountainous peninsula is covered in smoke, steam and fire from volcanoes, geysers and hot springs. It is home to bighorn sheep, silver foxes, mink and the densest population of grizzly bears in the world.






Just wanted to thank you for an excellent bear hunt in Kamchatka! Going there I didn't know what to expect, but it turned out great! It was a very exciting trip! The accommodations were good, way better than I expected at that camp. The food was good and so was the vodka. Andre and Anatoly our guides worked very hard for us, and were excellent. Andrey Konovalov our interpreter made everything go smooth and made traveling easier. He was great! My son who didn't hunt, but took pictures really enjoyed himself too. We saw lots of bears. Thank you for a successful hunt! I'm 100 percent happy with the whole trip.


Peter Chinnici






We recently traveled to Kamchatka, Russia to hunt coastal brown bear through DG Outdoor Adventures.  Our hunt was successful and our accommodations at camp beyond expectation with Andre, Anatoly, and their families.  Who would expect a full sauna in bear camp? Our cook Viktoryia provided delicious, cultural meals complete with fresh vegetables and bread.  We can’t say enough about “Wova” the helper in camp who truly was ever-ready to each of us whether in camp, fishing, or salting the bear hides.  We saw bears every day we hunted and enjoyed watching the cubs with Mama, the variations in colors of the bears, and tasted the pine nuts and berries that they consume enmasse.  The fishing was a bonus, catch-and-release, and what fun to ‘fight’ with 30” salmon or 18” rainbow trout!  There really was never a dull moment. 


Travel with a rifle has multiple challenges, especially to Russia, but our interpreter Andrey Konovolov navigated and instructed us from Moscow, through Kamchatka, and back to Moscow.  His knowledge and experience doing this for clients was truly professional and without a hitch.  This meant two round trips from Petropavlosk-Kamchatka to Moscow for him in order to assist us with a problem-free journey.  Our travel agent Laurie scheduled all of our flights (6) with time zones, flight times, and value at the forefront of her planning.  Every flight was on time and made very comfortable by the airlines.


The other hunters in camp quickly became friends as did our guides.  Can’t wait to get our bear home and in the hands of our taxidermist for the final “piece” to our trip.


Ronna Crawford & Neil Hambly

What's to Come

Our spring hunts for 2016 will run from April 21 - May 4 and from May 3 - 15. We have just two spots left on our 2016 spring hunts. We have just 4 spots left on our 2017 spring bear hunts. The year 2018 is still fairly wide open.


We also run fall hunts from August 20 - September 3 and September 18 - October 2. For 2016, we still have 3 openings and for 2017 we have 5 openings. The year 2018 is still fairly open.


As far as logistics go, we take care of all the paperwork for the licenses, tags, CITES permits, vet certificates, etc. We also have a travel agent who coordinates all our hunts so everyone arrives and leaves together, etc. It all goes quite smoothly. (see letters from hunters attached). We either fly with you over to Moscow or meet you at the airport in the baggage claim area and travel with you all the way to where we head to camp. We may or may not be in your particular camp, but we will escort you to and from the hunting area back to see you off in Moscow. You are never floundering around on your own like many outfitters do. The hides are processed (salted and fleshed) and then sent back to your taxidermist. No problem getting this done.