2015 Moose Update

We recently completed our moose hunts this year and it was a great year despite an airline strike which almost grounded us on our first hunt. Had two guys on that hunt, both elderly gentlemen, in our “30 Second Camp”. (Nickname the guys in this camp gave it last year after they both shot their moose in 30 seconds upon arriving to the yarding area.)

Unfortunately, one guy was having severe medical problems and his doctor didn’t want him to go but he wanted to fulfill a life-long dream and we tried our hardest to help him. The guides put a 60 plus inch moose in front of him at 70 yards the first day but he was physically unable to even get the rifle up and on the moose. After several more missed opportunities he rested in camp and fortunately was able to make it home! The other guy, David Lloyd, is 74 and he had tried to kill a moose in Alaska on three previous trips but was unsuccessful. As often happens in Russia with us he shot one the first day out, a real nice 60 plus incher. So we should have filled out the first day in this camp again this year. Below is a letter we just got from Lloyd. 
"For an elderly (74) elk Hunter from Montana, this was the trip of a lifetime. DGOA put it together for me and I was glad they did. An airline strike and terrorists attacks didn't stop them from helping me get my moose. I had tried Alaska unguided three times and was not successful. This Kamchatka moose was the fulfillment of my dream. Denny's Russian partner, Andrey, was very diligent and capable in handling the maze of bureaucracy and the guides, Vladimar and Sasha ably did their part in finding a bull and getting me into range. The camp cook, Alexi, was a jewel and he and I quickly became friends. I will always cherish the memories of this hunt. Life is to be lived and this is one of the best ways to do it.

Thanks to all!"

David Lloyd

Our second hunt also turned out to be successful despite the complete lack of snow until the DAY BEFORE THE HUNT! That’s when the camp got 5 inches of snow, which was barely enough for the snowmobiles to operate on during this, our late snowmobile hunt. It was the first time in recent history that Kamchatka wasn’t blanketed by snow at this time (late November and early December) time of year. Despite the odd weather conditions one of the guys went out and shot a moose the first day while the other two hunters also had an opportunity to shoot a moose. So, despite the most incredibly weird circumstances (our first ever airline strike in 25 years of hunting and our first almost snowless “snowmobile” hunt) we were again very successful.

Here’s a letter and photos from Pete Foreman, one of the hunters on the last hunt:

"9 hour flight back across Russia today, leaving the most brutality beautiful place I've been 
I want to tell what a rough hunt this was, way out of my comfort zone, but in every moment a Russian guide was there, like it was just another day. The lead guide was between chemo treatments after a lung cancer operation. I am not tough. 

Everyone wants to know the size of the moose rack, an American thing. To the Russians the moose meat means energy to live one more day. 

I feel like I have traveled back in time, but wonder if I really am seeing our future. We Americans really need to get a grip. Some Russians took our pictures like we are rock stars. They envy what they think we have. I, on the other hand, respect them. I will never be the same. I fear I will be even less tolerant of people whining about how bad their lives are. 

Much respect, my Russian friends, much respect.  

Andrey, I want to thank you again and again.  You are awesome with what you do for us.  It is not often that I would tell someone they are great at their job, but you, my friend, are surely great.  Much appreciated."
Pete Forman

So there you have it. Another very successful hunt with the Outdoor Adventures team.  If you want to join us on an exciting and successful  moose hunt next year we still have 3 openings for 2016. We have 3 openings for 2017 and 5 for 2018. Any questions, give me a shout at 989-427-5057, or click here to contact me. Thanks.