Why Do We Say Think Again About Alaska?

Here are the latest stats from the Alaska Dept. Of Fish & Game's official web site. It reveals the success rates for each brown bear hunting unit in Alaska. By comparison, we had 13 hunters shoot 16 bears last year, of which half qualify for the world record books! My question to you is: 'Where do you want to hunt brown bears?' By the way, the official stat sheet on moose is as bad or worse!

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Russian Brown Bear Hunts

Where: Far Eastern Russia. An estimated 20,000 brown bears inhabit this area of Russia. The world's largest population of brown bears.

What: Trophy brown bears. To date our success rates are near 100%. Compare that to Alaska which has an over-all statewide success rate of 25%. Best harvest ratio of big brown bears in world.

How: Guides pull you along behind a snowmobile on a large sled. The guides look for bears roaming the hillside, or for tracks to follow. Once a bear is spotted, you try to stalk within shooting range. Bears are very visible because they are just coming out of their dens and roaming the hills in search of food. May also use rubber rafts to float, or walk.

Facilities: Large tents or cabins, generator for electricity, heat, meals are prepared by staff.

Weather: From four to six feet of snow still on the ground. Temperatures range from a low of twenty at night, to the 50's and 60's during the day.

Type of Terrain: We will be hunting in wide valleys from 3,000 to 5,000 feet in the mountains.

Recommended Firepower: 300 mag., 338, 375 or 416 with 200 grain or larger bullets.

Shooting Distance: Average between 75 and 200 yards.

Other Trophies Available For Extra Tag Fees: Second bear tag sometimes available, wolverine in some camps when season open, occasional wolf. You pay for additional animals only if you shoot them. Tag fees available upon request.

Price of Expedition Package: Includes food, lodging in camp, guides, bear license, trophy fees, interpreters, skinning and salting of hide. A deposit of $1,500 is required to reserve a spot on the hunt. Please contact us for current price list.

Does Not Include: Personal items such as fees for passports, visa (we will help you get your visa once you obtain a passport) tips, souvenirs, transportation to Russia or the Ukraine, hotels and meals in town, U.S. Fish & Wildlife fees, taxidermy fees, and other items of a personal nature.

Hides: Will be skinned, fleshed and salted at no charge.

A Recommended Packing List will be sent upon booking

Any Questions, or if you want to sign up: click here to visit our contact page!

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