Fall 2014 Brown Bear Hunt Results

I have been getting a lot of emails and phone calls from hunters concerned about traveling to Russia  with what went on in the Ukraine several months ago. Well, here are some first hand reports and photos from several hunters who just got back with us from a fall bear hunt. Please read their letters and look at their photos and you will see everything went very smoothly. And with tensions winding down in the Ukraine things should even be better next spring. We still have a few openings for next year and are only about 50% booked form 2016 so get in touch with me right away if you want to go on a hunt of a lifetime for about half of what a similar hunt to Alaska costs.

Robbie Russell Bear Photo
Robbie Russell 5 Bears (314x232) (2)
Big Rainbow

Testimonial from John A.

"Good Morning Denny,

We have plenty more photos. I will send you some once we have gathered them all together. I want to tell you how much I enjoyed the our trip to Russia. André and you have the travel arrangements down to a art. I was a little nervous about customs before we left  and once we were thru it was a breeze, just have your paper work in order. The hunting and fishing was more than I dreamed it would be. We saw over 65 bears and caught more fish than I have ever before.  I am looking forward to going on a sheep hunting so get to work.

Thank you Again

John A."

A Few Words from Robbie


I want to start by telling you that I dreamed about this hunt for a couple months and how good it could be.  It turned out better than I had dreamed.  From the start, all the documents that we needed were taken care of and it made entry into the country very easy.  Andre was excellent in trying to eliminate the language barrier the best he could.  He was there for us all the way through the hunt up until we boarded the plane to leave. This service that Andre provided was unmatched and very welcome.

Travel to the camp was well planned as well as the camp facilities.  The Russian guides were very easy to get along with.  The bear hunt could not have been better in that it began on our way in and did not let up until we had filled our last tag.  Spotting 67 bears during our stay was unbelievable!  We all were very pleased in the success of the hunt and the choices that we made. We all will have trophies that we will value the rest of our lives.

Fishing was an added bonus in that we caught a monster fish on every cast.  Believe it or not, we did.  I just want to say that the hunt was very well organized and planned beyond my expectations.  It was for me truly a HUNT OF A LIFETIME!


Comments from John W.


Just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed our trip to Kamchatka, I have been on over twenty guided trips and was expecting a good one from what I had been told by you and talking to as many people as I could about the area. Our group got a lot more out of the trip than what was expected which does not happen much when it comes to hunting.  Seeing the number of Brown Bear that we saw compared to our Hunts in Alaska was only one of many bright spots of the trip.

Again thanks,

John W."