Spring 2016 Bear Hunting Update

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We just got back from our spring bear hunts a couple of weeks ago. Just about the time I think it can't get any better we have one of our best springs ever! I had a total of 15 hunters this spring, including a 13 year old boy and his 74 year old grandpa and grandpa. We shot 18 bears!! Almost all of them were 9 and 10 footers! A number of record book bear again which will only solidify our position as the No.1 Brown Bear Outfitter in the world!


I had quite a diverse group of clients this spring. In addition to the 13-year-old and his 74-year –old grandpa and grandma, I had a guy from Mexico, Australia and Canada in one camp! The hunter from Mexico, Diego Fernandez, wanted to come a couple days early and tour, so we found him a Spanish speaking interpreter in Moscow. And this all brings up an interesting conversation we had in camp this spring! One hunter said he was trying to talk his buddy into coming with him but he: “Was afraid to go to Russia . . .and it was such a long trip.” He couldn’t wait to get home and tell his buddy what a “wussy” he was!


“I’m going to say to him, you are 6’ 2’ and weight 225 pounds. You work in construction but you aren’t as brave as a 13-year-old kid and his 74-year-old grandma and grandpa. You are complaining about the long airplane ride when a guy from Australia flew all the way to Moscow and a guy from Mexico flew to Moscow. And the guy from Mexico came early and toured all by himself. You big wussy!”


One client, Jim Kesteloot, who was so impressed with his hunt last spring where he shot a 9 1/2 footer on the way to camp and a 10 footer the next day, gave me a deposit for this spring before we even left Russia last spring. Well, he shot 2 more 9 & 10 footers this spring and already deposited for next spring!! And another hunter, Jeff Lewis, also booked again for another hunt. Wants to take a friend with him to show him what a great hunt this is. Says a lot about our hunts!


AS one of the guys who went this spring told me: "Denny, I researched these hunt extensively for several years. Anybody who does there home work would never book a hunt to Alaska or with any other guy but you. You are by far and away the most successful outfitter out there. Why would you go anywhere else?" One of the other guys added: "You can either hunt with someone else and pay more money to shoot a smaller bear, or hunt with Denny and shoot a bigger bear for less money. The choice is yours. Choose wisely my friend!"

While most of our bear hunters hunt in the spring, both our spring and fall bear hunts are exceptional! We saw over 90 bears in my camp this past fall and had 3 guys and shot 3 bears. The hunt was filmed for a TV Show by Dick Scorzafava who says he got so much footage of bears he is going to do 2 shows! Said he has hunted bears all over the world including numerous times in Alaska . . . where he didn't get a bear last spring . . . and never saw so many bears on a hunt in his life! In our other camp 2 guys shot 3 bears. They saw over 100 bears on their hunt. Dick is also editor of the popular Bear Hunting Magazine where he just completed a story set for the May issue. He sent me a copy of the story for me to look at before it is published. Here is a quote I took from his story you might like to see as you contemplate a bear hunt.


"As I sat there on the tank thinking over what a fantastic journey this had been for all of us, we had seen a total of 91 bears and harvested three trophies. It was a better overall hunt than all my trips to Alaska over the years put together!"


BETTER THAN ALL HIS TRIPS TO ALASKA PUT TOGATHER!!!!!!!!! Pretty well sums up your choices for a brown bear hunt.


I expect to get a lot of calls on this article when I get back as this guy is the guru of bear hunting. And when a guy like that who has hunted Alaska over half a dozen times, says something like this, people are going to pay attention. So if you want to go yet next spring let me know right away as we are almost booked up already.


Here are a few of the letters I got from my clients after they returned home.



I wanted to follow up with you about the bear hunt. I am one of those guys that did the Alaska thing a couple times, unsuccessfully. I had a great hunt with your outfit this spring and realized a dream of finally getting a brown bear on a great adventure! I took a very nice bear right at dark after a 2 mile hike thru knee deep snow on a mountain side overlooking the ocean. It was a majestic experience!
Everything was exactly as you told me with no "surprises," which was a relief. I wish I had known about your hunts sooner and didn't waste money in Alaska in the past.


Great trip, thanks again!


--Chad Farace




Hi Denny,


I am back from my spring bear hunt, all I can say is wow! What an adventure, from all the planning to get out into the wilderness to the hunt. I hunted brown bear on the Alaskan peninsula last fall and hunted 12 days and never saw a bear. In Kamchatka I saw twelve bear the first day and shot a 9’ 5” bear that day. Your crew worked hard and delivered on all counts.


Many Thanks


Jimmy P



Hi Denny


Well this was my third trip with Denny and Outdoor Adventures. I have taken 3 9ft plus bears and have shot all three in the first 6 hours of my hunts. Plenty of adventures after taking the the bears as well. I am planning on going back one more time the River Camp where the food and lodge were the best ever. I will have to hold off a little longer so I can get a 10 ft er.


Paul Blanchette




Dear Denny


Thank you so much for a hunt of a lifetime. I had never thought that I would be going on a Russian bear hunt at the age of 13. On the third day of the hunt I killed a beautiful blond brown bear. I was so thankful for everyone who helped me prepare for the hunt. Everyone in Russia was very nice and helpful. I would recommend this hunt to any hunter.


Cael Schmitz