Spring 2017 Bear Hunting Update

Yeah Baby! Still No. 1 in the brown bear hunting world!

We had 29 hunters this spring who shot 33 bears! If you know any other outfitter in Alaska, Russia or on the moon or Mars who shot 33 bears this spring please let me know! We have been number one in the world for brown bears now for well over 15 years.  Since that year 18 years ago when I had 46 hunters and we shot 46 bears! Not only do we shoot more bears than anyone else out there, we have more bears in the world record books than anyone. We have 60 bears in the top 100 bears in the world for Russia in the SCI record book. As one SCI official told me, no one else is even in the same ZIP Code as me when it comes to record book bears!!

Here are a few notes from our hunters!



I just wanted to take a moment and express how happy my brother and I are that we booked our 2017 brown bear hunt in Kamchatka, Russia with DGOA.

We researched Russian hunts online, at sportsman shows and got customer referrals from hunters who had already been brown bear hunting in Kamchatka with different outfits, many of which are no longer in business. It didn’t take long for us to learn that DGOA had by far the highest success rate and had the most established network of PROFESSIONAL outfitters in the business...


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Mike Ramun - Owner of High Power Arms Company



"Denny Geurink, you guys put on a world class hunt... hands down! Thanks for everything you guys did to ensure our trip to Russia was smooth. You weren't lying when you said your guides have access to the best areas, with the biggest brown bears!!! This hunt was the adventure of a lifetime - Thanks!!!!

John & Mike"



Thanks for a great time.

To introduce myself to everyone I am the hunter who offered my 378 Weatherby to Denny if I got a 10 foot bear.  I am NOT a trophy hunter - I am the hunter who gets lectured to leave the little buck go to grow to trophy size at home.  I had been on four unsuccessful grizzly and brown bear hunts in Alaska and British Columbia.  I was not passing up an 8 foot bear.  By some stroke of luck (both mine and Denny's) the most beautiful 10'2" bear came my way.  We seem to be focusing on the climax of the hunt and not the hunt itself.

With the political disturbance around the world, especially with Mexico and Russia, I found myself going to Russia and hunting with three gentlemen from Mexico - I was the lone American in camp.  This by far was my most memorable hunt of my 62 years - not because of the bear, but because of the hunting spirit that bonded Russian, Mexican and American together.  We all treated each other as sportsmen and would classify them all as a true friend.  I would suggest a joint hunt between the presidents from Russia, Mexico and the United States and letting the hunting spirit introduce respect for each other - I know Denny could set it up.

Back to the deal with Denny and the gun - I will have memories of the new friendships and the hunt itself that will last a lifetime.  They make Weatherby's everyday - take the gun.

Bob Kepp"




"Denny just want to thank you for a hunt of a lifetime. I was skeptical of the whole Russia hunting and as you well know I have talk to you for several years about doing this hunt and just couldn't  convince myself to do it. Well 2017 I finally did it and as you promised it was truly a great hunt.  The staff that you have in place are remarkable. Thanks again look forward to a return trip.


Matt Best"